What We Do

Model predictive control and optimization

Process modeling and system identification

Process and control loop performance troubleshooting

Applied research and development


Model predictive control and optimization solution development and deployment: We cover all the phases of a project. Before an actual project begins, we will conduct an economic assessment study followed by performance and benefits monitoring once the MPC system is in operation.

Process modeling and system identification: Mathematical models quality determines the overall control performance. Our staff, with a background in chemical engineering, is capable of process modeling using first-principle approaches as well as a combination of these with artificial intelligence tools.

Process and control loop performance audits and troubleshooting: Using our Multiverser® software, we are able to carry out process performance assessment and process troubleshooting projects, pinpointing the root cause of suboptimal performance and finding unrealized economic benefits.

Applied research and development: Ciengis is a reliable partner with a vast experience in the area of process systems engineering and industrial grade software development.