Tune Your Plant with PID Loop Audit

We will analyze the the dynamic data , diagnose eventual loop problems (such as stiction, nonlinearity, etc) and suggest optimization measures.

This way you can quickly benefit from our tools and experienced team in a cost-efficient manner. Send us an email and we will answer you shortly.

Struggling with a difficult PID loop or a group of loops?

Please consider our PID controller service and get in touch with our team at email@ciengis.com with a brief problem description.
We will get back with a list of required items and a price quotation for the service.

The typical required data is:

  • Dynamic loop data (Time, SP, PV, MV, MODE).
  • Loop configuration and actual tuning parameters.
  • Required use and expected performance criteria.
Additionally, a simplified diagram of the unit in the vicinity of the concerned loops is usually very helpful.