Multiverse®: be in the know to stay in control

A plant information management and performance optimization system that unifies and assimilates data, information, and knowledge, providing them in an optimal way to the plant stakeholders.

Main features:
- Process performance analysis (KPI and others)
- Soft sensing technology
- PID controller tuning
- Alarms and events
- Dashboards

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Develop, execute, and integrate soft sensors

for efficient process monitoring and control

Find and capture

unrealized economic benefits in production processes

Connect the plant to the office

for instant access to process data

Monetize plant information

using process data

Visualize production variables

for better planning action

Turn production data analysis

into profitable decisions

Diagnose problems

in controllers and/or final control elements

Combine process and alarm data

for unified analysis and management

Assimilate various data

sources and present in an open and coherent way

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More about Multiverse®

Industry worldwide faces new challenges. As the competition increases and technical standards rise, timing, efficient integration and use of information are essential.

Optimum economic performance of production lines and their control systems has become the key competitive advantage.

The versatile Multiverse® system allows to record, store, analyse, display, and report key production variables indicating operating status and efficiency levels of the plant and its control system.

Alerts and problem identification by monitoring critical variables, events and alarms, identifying and displaying the most active alarms sources or settings alerts by limits and constraints violations, avoiding errors and productions losses.

Monitor plant performance from your office and be always informed about the current status and evolution of each process variable.

Design, develop, execute, and integrate soft sensors for efficient process monitoring and control.

Find and capture unrealized economic benefits using an innovative multi-user software platform that allows to mange and overview industrial process performance through real-time monitoring, interactive graphics, dynamic analysis and performance reports, acessible with a regular web browser or via an OPC UA client.

Save prodution information using historian database storing all process data coming from multiples sources, keeping historical records of all variables, alarms and events for behavioral and statistical analysis.

Multiverse® is an industrial process monitoring software and plant historian system designed to bring engineering closer to management, to create interactive and periodic performance reports, to produce interactive process data trends and to visualize alarms and events. Multiverse® settings and file management options allow the user to specify limits and references for each key variable, export files to ExcelTM and CSV format, specify bounds for performance analysis or impot them from OPC server. Multiverse® is a multi-user software plataform, accessible with a regular web browser.

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